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Re: [SLUG] lpd not binding

Damnit,  I'm getting exactly the same error here. It seems that the
partport_pc detects the parrallel port ok, but i can't send any jobs to the
printer. I have removed the entire spool directory, upgraded to the latest
lprng. It is also saying now that it can;t write to the device lp0. There
seems to be some problem creating the device.
How do i get linux to talk to lp0 properly? The bios detects it correctly at
378, where does it say that this parra port equals this device? I'm a bit
stuck until i can get this working.



Adrian van den Dries wrote:

> Hi all.
> Had to reboot a server here, and I find that lpd is dead. The init script
> starts OK, but when using lpr:
> lpr: connect: Connection refused
> jobs queued, but cannot start daemon.
> Also, there's nothing bound locally to port 515.
> It seems, though, that some jobs are in fact going through the queue (I'm
> doing this remotely, and I'm told some of my test messages get through).
> Anyone?
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