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Re: [SLUG] Routing problem...perhaps

Alister Waller said something along the lines of:

> R:	can ping G's ppp IP address
> 	cannot ping G's eth0 IP address. 	error: destination host unreachable
> 	cannot ping W at all.		error: destination host unreachable
> G:	can ping W's IP address
> 	Can ping  G's eth0 IP address
> 	can ping R's IP
> 	cannot ping its own ppp IP address...well it can but with huge packet loss.
> W:	can ping G's ppp IP address
> 	can ping G's eth0 IP address
> 	cannot ping R's IP address
> any idea where to look?? I can't see for all the trees.

You need to add 'proxyarp' to your /etc/ppp/options(.ttyS**) file on the
gateway. Have a read of the PPP HOWTO, and some of the articles in Linux
Gazette for lots more info on setting these up.

Also, you may want to add 'ms-dns' and 'ms-wins' if you want to
autoconfigure the 98 client for name lookups and resolving Samba addresses.

- Jeff

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