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Re: [SLUG] Modem recommendation.

Rodos wrote:
> I need another (3rd) modem. A few people here are using the US Robotics
> Courier V Everything as they are so rock solid.

Hmm, I prefer the old Banksia V34 to the USR Courier for consistent
throughput still.

> I was going to get another > one until I rang their tech support to ask a question. 


> new one for free, but this new policy just irks me.

> VEverything. Am I being weird being anoyed by such a support policy? They
> must get a lot of nutters with winmodems asking why they can't get 56k all
> the time.

When good modems were close to $1,000 each, I felt similar to what you
do, but nowaday they start at $50 each, with many avenues of parallel
importation, so I consider it is reasonable for companies to ask for a

TANSTAAFL - some body has to pay the support guy.

Part of my changing my view was as a result of paying for advertising in
various dead tree directories, with a view of getting new business and
then finding that many of the telephone calls I received were people
wanting free support for hardware they had purchased elsewhere. 

If I can say try X, then Y, then Z, thanks for calling, it is no
problem, but when you find you have someone who is allergic to the clue
stick, forget it.

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