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Re: [SLUG] disk partitioning

On 16 Oct 00, Alister Waller wrote: [SLUG] disk partitioning
> I have a Disk partioned rather poorly.
> I have more free space on the drive and have used cfdisk to partion
> this. How do I now mount this so that I can make use of this space?
> The disk basically only has / mounted (plus a swap and boot partion of
> course). (not done by me)
> I would ideally like to partition it up to be the usual like /home
> /usr /var /usr/local etc. Can this be done now or do I need to backup
> and then rebuild and restore data into the new partitions?

As usal with linux there is a HOW-TO covering this topic;

the howto covers the various setting that are necessary to preserve 
permitions, in addtion to which it covers how to get a new 
drive/partion to boot.