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Re: [SLUG] Modem recommendation.

Hi Rodos!

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Rodos wrote:

> I need another (3rd) modem. A few people here are using the US Robotics
> Courier V Everything as they are so rock solid. I was going to get another
> one until I rang their tech support to ask a question. Seems that unless
> your modem is less than 3 months old you have to pay $25 to speak to a
> technician, if there is a fault with your modem they will refund it. Now I
> have had great support in the past. My power pack died and they sent me a
> new one for free, but this new policy just irks me.
> Anyone recommend another modem what works well with mgetty (ob linux)? I
> really want it to support a last call info dump ATI7 like the vEverthing
> does. Something with good tech support. Or should I just stick with the
> VEverything. Am I being weird being anoyed by such a support policy? They
> must get a lot of nutters with winmodems asking why they can't get 56k all
> the time.
> Um ... ponder ...

3Com US Robotics 56k Serial modem.

Works well, used it for mgetty and faxgetty.