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Re: [SLUG] Win4Lin on RH6.2

Peter Rundle wrote:
> Sluggers,
> Has anyone managed to get Win4Lin running on RH6.2? There isn't a
> kernel for 6.2 on the CD so I tried to roll my own following the
> patch guidelines. When I did make menuconfig the Trelos support
> came up and I selected it. The kernel made ok, and I booted off
> it. However NFS failed to start and when I then tried to install
> win4lin it said I wasn't running a win4lin supported kernel.
Weird !!!

Trelos used to have prebuilt kernels available for download, they don't
appear to be at their new web site.

Contact me privately if you want me to send the one a downloaded when
purchased win4lin.


Mehmet Ozdemir