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Re: [SLUG] sendmail replacement

donohueb@xxxxxxxxxxxx said something along the lines of:

> i want to get rid of sendmail and put in an easier to configure
> equivelant.

Okay, that bit is easy - if you want to replace your MTA, try Exim or
Postfix. They are much easier to configure than sendmail, and at least
Postfix has a lot of good documentation to read.

> i also want to transfer the current emails that are read through sendmail.
> so, can anyone suggest an easy to configure, secure, imap, email server
> other than sendmail?

Aha - now you're asking for something different. sendmail is called sendmail
because it does just that - it sends mail, usually between Internet email
hosts. It doesn't care how you collect or read that email, however.

It sounds like you're after a different beast - an IMAP server. There are a
few around - the University of Washington one, Courier, Cyrus, actually
there's a whole lot!

Have a look at: http://freshmeat.net/appindex/daemons/imap.html

There's a list of about 13 there. Most include some form of sercure
connection protocol, however you might find that your email clients don't
support these. Bummer, huh?

> also, will this new email server read my current emails that are stored on
> the mail server?

Yes - most of this software recognises the fact that standards are
important, so you will be able to access your email if you run different
server software. The only thing you have to watch out for is that some
software stores the email in different formats.

All of the formats have different pros and cons, and you can convert between
them fairly painlessly (or just deliver into them). You'll see things like
mbox, MH and Maildir.

> i hope i'm making sense with this.

Mostly! ;)

I guess the question now (and one that I'm interested in) is... Which IMAP
server is the best in which situations?

- Jeff

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