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Re: [SLUG] Rodos, one to add to your list...

Have you put this one on BUGTRAQ?  The world should know just how to bring
the Borg to its knees (8-)

LANNet Computing Associates <http://www.lannet.com.au>

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Morning all,
> This one's a bit naughty, but the Penguinillas amongst us may enjoy it...
> Some may already know, I'm sure. ;)
> I've found another way to fool Outlook and Outlook Express into misbehaving,
> making your emails unreadable. A fun way to do this is by automatically
> getting your replies to 'break' the MUA. So, over the last week or so, I've
> set mutt up like this:
>   set attribution = "begin  %n  quotation:\n"
> Any reply will start with, for instance, "begin  Rodos  quotation:" making
> the MS products show a "quotation.dat" file as an attachment, and no text
> within the email.