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Re: [SLUG] Re: Re: Launching X apps from procmail

begin  Jeff Waugh  quotation:

> Setting DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY in my .procmailrc doesn't seem to change
> anything, however.
> I think I'm in need of a swipe from the cluestick.

Indeed you are, jschlub.

I tailed my .procmailrc and found that I was passing bollocks parameters to
xmessage. The XAUTHORITY and DISPLAY variables set in .procmailrc did the

Now, all I have to do is install gmessage (not included with Helix Gnome it
seems) for the time being, write a new pop up thingy and prettify the emails
it pops up, and everything will be set up right. ;)

Thanks, Gus!

- Jeff

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