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Re: [SLUG] Re: Re: Launching X apps from procmail

begin  Angus Lees  quotation:

> \begin{Jeff Waugh}
> rm -rf /opt

Not as simple as that - regardless of whether I compile things into /opt or
/usr/local, having a way to remove them would be good. I guess I should just
read up on Debian packaging...

> (what do you actually have in there?)

CVS GTK+, Naughtylus, GnomeICU, various GTK+ engines, yada, yada, yada.
A while back I compiled XFree4 in there (which didn't work anyway), but I'm
now using Branden's packages - that's what I wanted to remove.

But, X is completely different to the GNU stuff I'm used to, so it's
probably a waste of time. :) I will learn to package, I guess.

> i really hope procmail is running as you when it executes your
> .procmailrc.. if it isn't, *quickly* add a "DROPPRIVS=YES" somewhere
> before anyone notices.

I'm assuming that the default setup on Debian would be running it as me, but
I haven't checked. Add DROPPRIVS to .procmailrc?

> so long as $DISPLAY matches something in `xauth list`, it should work.
> (useful tip: root can always read other users' files, so if you want
> to write to someone's DISPLAY, just set DISPLAY appropriately and set
> XAUTHORITY to that user's .Xauthority file. no need to copy xauth keys
> around at all)

Setting DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY in my .procmailrc doesn't seem to change
anything, however.

I think I'm in need of a swipe from the cluestick.

- Jeff

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