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[SLUG] Re: Re: Launching X apps from procmail

\begin{Jeff Waugh}
> begin  Angus Lees  quotation:
> > 1. /opt exists on your system. thats sufficient grounds for failure in
> >    my book.
> What's the easiest way to remove compiled software (other than sifting
> through the executables and mish-mash)? Some things have make uninstall, but
> not everything.
> Is there a trick?

rm -rf /opt

if it makes you feel better, tar it up somewhere instead. then, 17
months from now when you realise you didn't actually need anything
from /opt, and you need the disk space, you can delete the tar.

(what do you actually have in there?)

> > 2. you're probably starting fetchmail in a different way, so $DISPLAY
> >    isn't set correctly.
> Well, even with DISPLAY set in .procmailrc it happens. I'm thinking it might
> be a suid problem as James W. mentioned...

i really hope procmail is running as you when it executes your
.procmailrc.. if it isn't, *quickly* add a "DROPPRIVS=YES" somewhere
before anyone notices.

xauth cookies are nothing special. somewhere inside Xlib, it gets your
$DISPLAY and looks it up (local entries are slightly mangled to
include the hostname) in ($XAUTHORITY || $HOME/.Xauthority) to find a
magic string.

so long as $DISPLAY matches something in `xauth list`, it should work.

try running procmail manually from somewhere that doesn't have DISPLAY
set, and check it works ok.  i'd probably write an xmessage shell
wrapper to do the env munging, since i don't trust my knowledge of

(useful tip: root can always read other users' files, so if you want
to write to someone's DISPLAY, just set DISPLAY appropriately and set
XAUTHORITY to that user's .Xauthority file. no need to copy xauth keys
around at all)

 - Gus