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[SLUG] Problem with partitioning SCSI drive as ext2


I am adding an additional SCSI drive to a system. The system currently has
two SCSI HDs on its first SCSI bus, and they are formatted into ext2
partitions (and one is the bootable drive w/ the swap space aswell).  This
all works fine.  I am trying to add a third SCSI drive onto the second SCSI
bus, and have it use the ext2 filesystem (like the rest do).
Drive specs: Seagate Barracudea 9.1 Gbyte Ultra SCSI catalog ST39173W/S. -
Purchased 14/4/1998.
The drive was previously running inside an SGI O2 (using the IRIX efs file

I am able to partition this drive as a Linux (type 83 in cfdisk) partition,
but not as an Linux Extended (ext2 - type 85 in cfdisk) partition.  I want
it all in one ext2 partition if possible - the other drives are 34Gb ones
divided into ~10Gb partitions.  I used cfdisk for the partitioning of these
other drives.

Is there any reason why this may not be working for me?  I have not been
able to uncover anything.  Do I need to do a low-level format before I will
be able to do this?  The only reason I want to have it running as an ext2 fs
is that otherwise would require a kernel recompile (The machine is a server
in an academic department and scheduling the time to swap kernals and test
it would be a pain as lots of all day and night type batch jobs are run on
the machine).

Thanks in advance


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