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Re: [SLUG] Beginners Home Network

>I just want to make a point that not all NICs like crossovers, what with
>them being non-standard and all.  I've got a 3Com 905C-tx that doesn't
>like talking thru a crossover to ISA ne2k's.  I think it's probably a
>manufacturer thing, but I couldn't get a link thru it.  This is with 2
>crossovers, aquired from different locations.  Come to think of it, it's
>probably the ne2k's that are old enough to have kids who don't do the
>crossover thing.

It's probably that the 100 Mb NICs can't autonegotiate without a hub to
talk to. You could try specifying the media in the modprobe line, but
with hubs so cheap, it's not worth spending much time on a crossover.