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Re: [SLUG] E-smith 4.0 network issues

On Sat, 7 Oct 2000, Dan Treacy wrote:

> The problem is the network doesn't appear to be functioning pinging from
> another machine on the network results in nothing.. there isn't any
> activity whatsoever indicated at the hub/switch it's connected to and 
> there isn't even any lights on the bcak of the card itself.. The card
> (well the present one I'm using I've used a couple) is a Digital DE500
> "Tulip" card I've had no problems with it before and I know it's working
> at present as I reinstalled both Linux and Windows on the machine I was
> using to check.

log in to e-smith and cat /etc/conf.modules and see what the eth aliases 
are. If the entry says old_tulip try changing that to tulip if this is
the case, at least reply saying what the entries are so we have some more 
info to diagnose the problem

do /sbin/lsmod and see if the tulip module is present, I doubt it will be,
and then try /sbin/modprobe tulip, then an /sbin/lsmod and see if its
loaded the module, if it has, try /etc/rc.d/init.d/network start and see
if this will bring up your network