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[SLUG] Monitoring a modem

Is there any way to monitor what a modem is doing when it auto answers a

The modem answers an incoming call and hand shakes OK and goes on line,
but a few seconds afterwards drop the line.

I did have the S2 register set to 255 in order to overcome the +++ATH0
problem (yes, it is one of those badly behaved modems), but even setting
it back to 43 makes no difference.

All getty writes to the log is:
Oct  7 09:01:46 janus getty[16986]: exiting on HANGUP signal 

which is highly un-informative.

I have noticed that this problem appears to have started since I upgraded
this particular box from a 2.0.x kernel to a 2.2.17 kernel, but I don't
know which end is causing the hangup, mine or theirs, hence my enquiry.

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