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Re: [SLUG] DSL to DSL connections

> Peter Rundle wrote:
> An alternative if you don't need too much bandwidth would be to set
> up mppp at each site, buy a bunch of modems and phone lines. Say 8 
> modems @ $200 each gives 4x33K = 132K connection. Sure it's only half
> duplex but still pretty cheap if the other office is a local call...

At about $30 a month per line as well?

Optimisation first, in this case (ignore the adage!)

> (is mppp working on linux yet or is that a 2.4 kernel thing?)

No, the pre-2.4 solutions are ugly to say the least. Closer to horrible,
evil and atrocious.

2.4 works in the "Linux Way" very nicely, but then you have to use 2.4,
which breaks in the "Linux Way" very nicely too. :)

- Jeff

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