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Re: [SLUG] DSL to DSL connections

We want to get all of our stores hooked up together, so we can do major
filesharing (50mb documents) and also internet conectivity etc.

Seems ADSL isn't the go.. and HDSL is going to be too costly..

.. What other means are there of getting rather high speed connections
between offices(one of them been about 60km away) (but on average, 5km from
each other) without spending a few million bucks a month for connections,
and probably without going via a ISP, satalite?

Regards, Alan Lee
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> On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 11:28:35AM +1000, Alan Lee wrote:
> > Hey there;
> >
> > Is it posiable to have 2 offices hooked up via ADSL, and do VPN'ing and
things like that.. what kinda things are required to do it? Withing 2km?
etc?  Anyone know anything about this and how it can be done?
> >
> > Regards, Alan Lee
> >
> ADSL is just an internet connection ie it's no different to a modem. So
> both premises can connect to the ISP and VPN over the internet. You
> can't however connect one ADSL modem to another ADSL modem directly.
> What you want is HDSL which is basically to expensive modems ($1k-$3k)
> depending on the speed you want connected by 1-2 pairs of copper. ie
> copper directly between the two buildings no exchange equipment in the
> middle, a couple of crone blocks at the most. here is around a 3-6k
> limit here that includes the distance from building A to the exchange
> and thenh back to building B. You can achive speeds anywhere from
> 128kbits to 2Mbits depending on distance line quality and modem expense.
> The telstra product is PAPL, which they only gaurantee for voice. or
> CityDSL, you hae to be in the city and only wholesalers, ie ISP's can
> buy it so you nhaver to convince one to do it for you. The beauty of it
> is a PAPL connection only costs about $200/month so you can effectively
> get 2M of bandwidth between 2 locations for next to nothing.
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> John
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