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[SLUG] Distro on a CD (off the shelf, or off the burner)

Hi all,

I've got an old Pentium lying about that has no hard drive, and I'd like to
use it as a gateway machine, and do various other tasks as well. I found out
that with a BIOS update, I could boot from the CD, so I'm wondering how to
go about running the machine from it.

Apart from the fairly static gateway duties (I could use a floppy to store a
few configs I guess), I'd like it to have a good stock of GNOME apps,
various text-processing utilities, web serving from remote filesystems, etc.

I figure it's a fairly clean way of providing extra security. Hacked? Switch
off, switch on. Meanwhile, update the CD image to stop 'em getting in again.

Whilst my preference is for Debian, the more important points are the apps
themselves and an easy method of updating the CD image (this can be done on
another machine). Also, if there's something off-the-shelf that does this
already, why fart around? :)

I seem to recall Grahame wanting to do a similar thing - but with a more
desktop oriented approach - for schools a while back. Did anything come of

I guess that firstly, I'm looking for a method - the details (how to set up
swap, what will break without extra care and attention, etc). Then I might
be interested in seeing what's already on offer.

Ideas or pointers?

- Jeff

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