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Re: [SLUG] [OT] Debian Flame on LWN

On Wed, 04 Oct 2000, Chuck Dale generated:

>Bleeding edge, whatever, new features introduce new bugs that didn't
>exist before. The Debian wonder-machine might find most of them.

Given that potato spent a good part of 18 months before earning the
stamp of 'stable', you can safely assume that the Debian wonder-machine
has stomped on most of the bugs and that an upgrade from slink to
potato isn't going to break anything.  And given the helpful nature of
the debian package configurators, you can immediately correct any false
assumptions the configurator may have made before the package gets
installed and the new software runs.

You hook up to the net, or get the latest CD, and apt does the rest.
There may be new bugs, but they aren't of the
software-blowing-up-and-trashing-your-disk variety.

3 weeks ago at work I was asked to install a new proxy machine.  I got
out a machine that had slink on it, but had not been touched (no power,
nothing) for over 5 months.  I told apt to upgrade to potato, and to use
the security repository.  I didn't expect it to work, because I hadn't
touched the machine for so long, yet the upgrade went smoothly,
upgrading exim, squid and bind, and none of them broke from the config I
had created 5 months ago.

>With Debian, yes, looks like it.

Hmm, not from any of my machines.

No, I was looking for warez.  The pornography was just a useful byproduct.
		-- Dave Coote