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Re: [SLUG] [OT] Debian Flame on LWN

At some point around Tue, Oct 03, 2000 at 11:24:50PM +1100, Terry Collins said:
> Thom May wrote:
> ...snip.....
> > Why dare not run the upgrade? Have I missed something? So,
> > they've stopped releasing bug fixes etc. This is entirely normal
> > for an older release - it went stable fricking ages ago... I
> > sent three machines on the slink-potato trip last week, and they
> > are all perfectly happy. 
> As a guess, I think Michael was alluding to the RH style where they
> continue to release fixes for older versions. However, I expect that
> Debian doesn't have the personnell assets that RH has.
It also has an entirely different upgrade path - ie:
RHAT - oooh, need to upgrade! back everything up, floor box,
rebuild from scratch, reinstall all custom stuff etc...
Debian - `apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade`

> ...snip....
> > for a release that was superceded two months ago,
> > in the entirely reasonable expectation that you will upgrade,
> > *for free* to the new release!
> Is this a reasonable expectation?
> That really declares Debian as a distro only for "professionals"
How does it? When the upgrade path is as easy as debian's it
makes no sense whatsoever to not upgrade. Slink was released in
1999, early thereof, if I remember rightly. RHAT has gone from
(at least) 6.0 - 6.2 in the same time, and if you need to change
versions, you need to upgrade.

> My experience in upgrades is such that I never upgrade now, unless the
> machine it totally sacrificial and I have time to waste. Too many
> "upgrades" have gone belly up. I'm yet to experience a debian upgrade,
> but don't see how it will be different to other distro's.
trust me. debian and anyotherupgrade are not the same. I
"upgrade" my distro, every night, on Cron. I'm entirely happy to
allow this, because it works.
> > > As much as I love Debian, I am loosing interest/faith rather quickly.
> > Poor you. I have no idea where else you will be getting the
> > level of support and quality software that Debian provides.
> I'm not so religious. My bottom line is that my computers are like my
> car - another work tool. They don't exist so I can spend my time
> upgrading them, but rather so I can push work through them to earn
> income. Time spent rebuilding a system is lost income.

> Time spent having to "upgrade" regularly is also lost income from a
> business sense as it pushes the support cost higher. The benefit of
> supporting older versions is that it drives the support costs down from
> a business viewpoint. I guess it depends on how you see Linux achieving
> world domination {:-).
See comments earlier ;) 
But honestly - no time is lost, no need for single user,
reboots, etc - it works dynamically.
see: http://www.debian.org/doc/FAQ/ch-uptodate.html