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[SLUG] lilo probs

im having probs with lilo

i've just installed redhat 6.2 on a new compaq (DL380) server.
its got 3 x 18.2 Gig harddrives on 1 scsi card (not raid etc)

/dev/sda has partitions
1) compaq diagnostics
2) /boot
3) /
4) swap

the other 2 devs dont matter as they're not mounted yet.

its got 2 dual 866 pentium III processors - dont know if this matters but
the kernel etc is different and other things are not working eg network

now the prob is this.

i can edit /etc/lilo.conf and then run lilo to get
added linux *
added new

but when i reboot and it gives me the lilo: prompt i press <tab> and it
gives me the options 

what the hell is going on here? why doesnt lilo work properly?
ive grepped for "linux\-up" in /etc and found nothing