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Re: [SLUG] SMS messaging Solutions?

On Thu, Sep 28, 2000 at 02:45:22PM +1000, Doug Stalker wrote:
> > Qpage. http://www.qpage.org
> >
> > A word of caution. This is working with the Telstra SMS system.
> > I don't know of the other telcos. It should work, but I haven't
> > tried it.
> It wont work with vodafone.  Vodafone is a simple interactive script,
> and does not support TAP, PET (which AFAIK is the same as TAP) or SNPP.

http://www.styx.demon.co.uk/ while not having SNPP, does list Vodaphone
as one of the services that it works with. 

Might be worth a look.


Paul Haddon
Technical Services Manager
Hartingdale Internet