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RE: [SLUG] Execute a file

create a new user, and try with that :)


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From: Marshall, Joshua [mailto:MarshallJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2000 1:19 PM
To: ken@xxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Sydney Linux Users Group
Subject: Re: [SLUG] Execute a file 

> Permissions on ./test.pl? Location of perl compiler really
> /usr/bin/perl?  Permissions on /usr/bin/perl? ./test.pl created with
> DOS/Windoze editor that puts carriage returns in so that what you are
> really trying to execute is /usr/bin/perl^M? (The last one is my bet.)

Permissions are 777, /usr/bin/perl permissions are 755, test.pl was 
created in linux.

I do have a further development. I decided to test something else, so I 
created a file test.sh:

[marshallj@datasrv bin]$ cat test.sh
echo test
[marshallj@datasrv bin]$ ls -l test.sh
-rwxr-x---   1 marshall marshall       20 Sep 27 03:21 test.sh
[marshallj@datasrv bin]$ ./test.sh
bash: ./test.sh: Permission denied
[marshallj@datasrv bin]$ sh test.sh

It almost seems as if my shell isn't using the first line to determine 
what to use to execute the file. Now this is weird! Any thoughts?


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