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Re: [SLUG] disk duplication

If it is IDENTICAL then yes, otherwise set up the partitions on the target disk, mount them and use cpio to copy the files across, then install lilo and that should be it.

I would suggest however that you be booted from a floppy and not have /dev/hda mounted so you don't get anything writing while you are copying.

I have used ghost (www.ghost.com) to do some duplicating too - although lately I've been having big problems trying to ghost a Win98 box - windows seems to complain when I boot the target disk - otherwise it works well and 'supports' Linux.


At Tuesday, 26/09/2000 03:33 PM (+1000), Michael wrote:
>I have two identical hard drives. One has live OS on it, and the other is
>completely empty. No partitations at all, and no data.
>Would the following work;
>dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb bs=64k
>To duplicate the entire disk of /dev/hda to the disk /dev/hdb
>And once it is done.. would the 2nd disk be bootable? and would the first
>disk be intact?
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