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Re: [SLUG] APM and Xfree4.0

Not sure about your APM issue, but I can help with the XFree86 prob...

> Steven downing wrote:
> X.free.  Anyone know where XFREE4.0.1 places the modelines/timings which
> used to be in /etc/X11/XF86Config ??  I need to shift my picture
> horizontally without using the monitor hardware aiming.

Same place in fact, although it looks a little bit different. First off, you
can always "man XF86Config", but I'll be a little more helpful than that. ;)

Run xf86cfg - it's the new configurator by Conectiva, and it's pretty cool.
You can set up the modelines with a GUI - you don't even have to worry about
silly somewhat inexplicable numbers (read the Modelines HOWTO). Just tell it
where you want the image, etc.

Also, use xvidtune for the same thing, only not as pretty. It will print out
a modeline on the console if you press the "Show" button (and you can work
out where to put this by reading the XF86Config man page, or peeking at your
old XF86Config... they haven't changed this bit too much).

- Jeff

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