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Re: [SLUG] Mozilla

> Heracles wrote:
> Has anyone had any experiences with the Mozilla browser. I checked
> out M14 from the latest Debian distribution and it seemed very
> unstable. It does have some features that I would like to have
> available to me though. Are the newer releases (e.g.. M17) more
> stable or is it still unusable?

Ewwww! M14? That's decades old... in Internet time!

Grab one of the nightly builds - I'm using one from a few days ago, and it's
very good. Also, build your own from CVS. I had a very nice one running for
a few weeks having done that.

Basically, forget the milestone releases. They've all been pretty trashy,
and especially forget - cast entirely out of your mind - the Netscape
branded releases. Ugh!

Don't expect too much though, it's not meant to be release software, and
shouldn't be reviewed as such.

- Jeff

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