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Re: [SLUG] DVD ??

On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 07:15:36PM +1000, Richard Blackburn wrote:

> I'm thinking about replacing my CD player with a DVD/CD player (IDE).
> Any Linux dramas with this on RH6.x. Anyone got brand name suggestions.

While I haven't used it personally, I'd recommend an ASUS E608 if you can get
one. It'll be the one I'll be getting. Try www.eyo.com.au or 
www.computermarket.com.au for starters.

The reason for recommending this drive is that (with the current firmware)
it is region free. Unlike 99% of the drives on the market, it'll allow you 
to use DVD's from overseas.

Most drives will only allow you to change the region the drive will read
a maximum of 5 times. And if the 5th change is to read, say, Japanese 
DVD's then all of your Aus disks become useless execpt as coasters.

A good reference for DVD drives that are region free, or can be made to 
be region free is http://perso.club-internet.fr/farzeno/firmware/


Paul Haddon
Technical Services Manager
Hartingdale Internet