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[SLUG] Searchable Archives? Whatever next?!?

Morning SLUGgers!

Just to let you know, I've put htdig up on the SLUG server, so we know have
searchable archives! Go to:


Some caveats:

 * We only have archives of the months the new server has been in use. I'm
going to see if we can reprocess the other archives from various places so
we can have a good history. I know about ProgSoc and Terry's archives (and
will be in contact), but if anyone knows of others - preferably with mbox
files intact - I'd love to hear about them too.

 * It lists the monthly indicies. Small, but annoying nonetheless - you'll
see what I mean when you do a search. Soon they'll have regexp matching and
such, so we can block them out of the database.

 * I haven't put a searching interface up, nor have I customised the look. I
just finished running htmerge, and wanted to tell the list straight off! I
doubt I'll customise the look until the new website is up, but I will put a
searching interface up pronto.

There's also the stats at http://slug.org.au/stats/ if you're interested,
though they have been there for a while now. You might see some humourous
stats if you look hard enough. :)

Comments and suggestions always welcome,

- Jeff

-- please excuse the email software :)
-- i haven't gnu parted the hard drives at work (yet)