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[SLUG] User-owned mounts

Morning all,

I've become quite used to mounting Samba shares, and found the gid/uid
options very useful (these force the mount to reflect a given user and group

However, after playing musical partitions with my hard drives, I've hit a
bit of a wall with a ext2 mounting issue.

I have a music user that stores all of the mp3/ogg files and whatnot (yes,
having a whole user is probably overkill, I'm sure there was a reason for
doing this, but I forget, and if nothing else it gave rise to the question),
and I'd like to mount a different partition as the /home/music directory.

However, whenever I mount it, the folder becomes owned by root. There
doesn't seem to be any option to change this for ext2 mounts as there is for

Ideas? (Cluesticks?)

- Jeff

-- please excuse the email software :)
-- i haven't gnu parted the hard drives at work (yet)