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Re: [SLUG] gtk+ can't find -lXt

> Here's one for the Debian ppl though, is it possible to query a file to
> which package it came from? I recall that it's possible to do it with RPM
> with something like 'rpm -qf <file>'.  Does thism mean RH's package
> can do something that Debian's cant't? (/me ducks)

"Oh ye of little faith!" (read: Pffft. Troublemaker!)  ;)

If you "dpkg --help" or "man dpkg" you'll find "dpkg -S/--search" and all
the other useful stuff that dpkg does for you.

<flamebait> Remember that dpkg is to rpm as apt is to a paid subscription
service (or AutoRPM if you want, unless you're Conectiva, then you're just
plain sensible). :) </flamebait>

- Jeff

-- please excuse the email software :)
-- i haven't gnu parted the hard drives at work (yet)