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Re: [SLUG] gtk+ can't find -lXt

On Sun, Sep 24, 2000 at 07:25:08AM +1100, Nick Croft wrote:
> I've apt-got a few other files the compiler found missing but am stumped
> on this one. I would have though "X" was fundamental.
> Help would be much appreciated please.

You probably need the xlibs packages. I'm not sure which file libXt would be
in but option lib or dev archives are a good place to start.  
Here's one for the Debian ppl though, is it possible to query a file to see
which package it came from? I recall that it's possible to do it with RPM
with something like 'rpm -qf <file>'.  Does thism mean RH's package manager
can do something that Debian's cant't? (/me ducks)