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[SLUG] Synchronous network ?

Present ethernets, from what I understand, transmit on demand and 
perform a random timeout in the event of collision. This means
throughput drops at around 60-70% utilisation (can't remember the
exact figure).

How about having the nodes in a cycle, where each one transmits, after
which the next one either transmits data or a "I'm here but no data
to transmit", so the next one could.

This represents an overhead when there is no data, but for network
intensive applications present over the whole network, it would mean
that 95% - 100% network capacity could be used (assuming maxmimum
5% overhead), which is a lot more than, say 75% and it would mean
the network performance would decline linearly at saturation rather
than failing dramatically.

Are there drivers to perform this ? What would be involved in writing
such drivers ?

John August