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Re: [SLUG] Enlightenment

Mehmet Yousouf wrote:
> There is a keybindings.cfg file in /usr/share/enlightenment/config with
> mandrake (enlightenment ver 0.16.3-11)  --guess it could be /usr/local for Deb
> -- this I gather has default bindings. I think if  you copy it to your home
> directory it overrides the default one so, copy to your home directory and then
> modify??

Yep thanks Mehet. I just found it this morning and was going to post
here that prob is solved. Its in the same pace as Mandrake. Copied it to
my .enlightenment, edited it and now fine.

Actaully came across it accidently by readign the man pages for
x-window-manager. I didn't know what this was in /usr/bin and manned it.
Turns out it help pages for Enlightenment. The E menu item "Help"
doesn't work with my Debian setup for some reason so I never found the
help until now. 
Interestingly the menus in Eterm don't do anything either (E 0.16.3)

>  > Yes I like it oo but after upgrading to Debian I can't find how to
> > setup my keys to do things like Alt-Rarrow = Next Desktop, Ctrl-Rarrow =
> >Screen on right etc.
>  >There was a GUI tool for this in, I think, the Econfig tool but that
> > legacy tool is no longer with the new E 0.16. There does not seem to be
>  > a way to config keys under Gnome either - though I don't use Gnome much.
>  >
> > I grepped the entire .enlightenment dir as well for key*anything* but
> > couldn't find a text file that refers to keyboard shorcuts.
> >
> > Mike
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