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Re: [SLUG] Re: Re: Distro Layout / Config Standards (was Re: Debian)

Ken Yap wrote:

> And what happens if you don't have the package lying around (don't give
> that apt-get answer again, not everybody is connected all the time) or
> don't want to wait 2 minutes to change runlevels while a large package
> unpacks.

I wasn't really advocating the removal of packages to temporarily switch
off a service -- the '/etc/init.d/service stop' method is better.

Rather, I just saw the opportunity to mention yet another nice feature
of Debian ;)

In any case, when I install packages with apt-get, I keep the packages
it has downloaded. apt-get doesn't delete them unless you explicitly
type 'apt-get clean', and dselect (as a front end to apt-get) asks you
if you want to delete them.

Also, I'd just like to point out that apt-get works locally as well as
via the internet. Just put the path to your cd drive into your
sources.list file! Okay, so that only works if you've got the cd set.