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Re: [SLUG] Re: Distro Layout / Config Standards (was Re: Debian)

> I've also gone into single user mode to fix problems (or make them worse
> :-) but I've never been into lvel 2 or 4.

Never?! Sheesh you don't know what your missing ;-) Levels 2 & 4 
are where it's at man!.

Seriously, I put in a auto dial gateway for a friends little office
and as they only had one modem, I configured it to have a dial-in 
window so that I could guareentee myself a time each day that I 
could get in if they need things done. It just changes to run level
4 (via crontab) at a certain time which starts mgetty and stops
diald, and then it changes back to runlevel 3 a couple of hours 
later killing mgetty and re-starting diald. Thus mgetty is only 
running for a little while, which keeps the hacking risk down, 
and I know for sure that the modem is free at that time cause 
diald is stopped so it can't be locking the modem.

Works well.