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[SLUG] Re: OT - Troll Alert - Re: More Anti-Linux Olympic madness!

It was parody. some people got it. If SLUGers, of all people,
trot out the "follow the herd" argument [for the olympics]
then it must be a comfortable one.

If you think I really run windows, use the headers, luke.

The attack-the-person tone of your email has been talked about
in general terms on this list recently, and far more eloquently
than I would try to emulate. cheer up.


On Tuesday, 19 Sep 2000 at 07:52, Terry Collins <terryc@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ralph Seberry wrote:
> > I got to install Windows ME beta on a 1Ghz Athlon tonight, and it was
> > fantastic, when am i going to get a chance to see a system like that again?
> Ralph - you are obviously a troll without a life.
> This is a Linux list. We don't take about MS stuff.
> Oh - Obviously you have a problem with a MS OS and you've just earned
> the right to shout sluggers a beer at the next Slug meeting by posting
> that problem to the Slug list.