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Re: [SLUG] Enlightenment

On 19 Sep, Thom May scribbled:
->  Just got me the (highly unstable) debs for the cvs versions of E
->  and EFM. Holy cow!
->  EFM knocks, IMO, GMC/Nautilus(for the moment, anyways - we shall
->  see what the future brings ;) ) into a very very ickle cocked hat,
->  especially with the funky properly transparent menus, scroll bars etc. 
->  And E is getting very very fast - I've been using it for about
->  two years now, and this is the best it's *ever* been, i think.
->  I know raster lurks on here, so to him: keeping up the
->  absolutely amazing work - looking forward hugely to E .17 :-)

efm was a nice experiment - and i've now figured what i need to do the
subsystems it depends on that are currentl;y internal to efm are being
written properly - evas is a result of this and with it you get the
ability to have......... hardware acceleration for the alpha blending,
scaling, etc. thats already working. for those withotu opengl support
in hardware it doesnt change much but makes the api for me to program
centralised and easy, but for those with the accelerated support- which
with every day that passes is a growing group, it means silky smooth
rendering and acceleration for the funkiest of displays :)

efm as it stands right now is definitely not stabel and is a little bit
of a mess... that's being cleaned up with the new subsystems (edb is
dont, evas is most of the way there, ebits is partly there as etcher is
a gui theme editor for it all).

->  It is still unstable, but well worth a look.
->  cheers
->  thom

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