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Re: [SLUG] IDE for java / C etc.

> Stuart Cooper wrote:
> I should have said the Do it Yourselfers are *often* the people...
> because there are clueful people using IDEs and not-so-clueful using 
> traditional tools.

Here we go... Techno-political correctness on SLUG. :)

>    A friend of mine is working on a project that *reeks* of UNIX-style
>    simplicity, but also has a fairly heavy dose of the clickies.
> Which sounds contradictory, but we will wait and see

I'll be in trouble for saying "heavy dose of the clickies". In fact,
reducing the amount of clicks (or grasps of the mouse at all) necessary to
do *anything* is a good aim in any such tool.

>    What sort of things would you see as useful, and complimentary to the
>    text-only approach?
> Graphical elements that run the existing tools conveniently for the user
> without having to leave the environment. 

"Aha!" says I, pleased. [Steve, you listening? :)]

- Jeff

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