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Why should Linux be hard to use ?

Although I believe that a famous programmer once said that there is two
types of interfaces, a user interface and good interface, its clear that for
Linux to take off on the desktop, it needs to be also user friendly.

If Linux was difficult to install, manage, administer I hardly doubt you
would see the Linux craze come about or the "slug-fests" be as popular.

I'm hoping for the most users that use Windows, should be able to make the
transition over to Linux without too much trouble. They should be able to
add a ppp0 interface without fiddling with chat scripts.

Sure, leave the administrators to the backend, fiddling with scripts, its
what I like doing also, because I'm *interested* in it, but for users that
just want the job done, they should be able to do that also. If it wasn't
for some of the front end work happening I think you'll find most people
will stick to Windows on the desktop.

Im running Helixcode on my desktop and think its fantastic. My only gripe
with it was it crashed about 10 times (seriously) when it was grabbing the
RPM's, luckily it was saving them to my local drive before it would run the
actual installation.

I think the reason why front ends get a rough deal is that they are usually
trying to calcuate what is happening at the core of the programme, this can
fail miserably, would you run linuxconf over your mailhub of 50,000 users ?
I certainly wouldn't. But for the most part its an important step to get the
numbers of users. As far as I'm concerned, if the OS is successful,
companies will start supporting it, commerically, and supply their own
drivers. Its already happening in a big way and is only going to better. I'm
certainly looking forward to the future of Linux !


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Not to brag, but to a certain degree i feel a line must be drawn. I
think things
can become *over* simplified and *over* centralized. If people want to
point and 
click maybe free unixs arent the best solution for them. They might just
have to
live with NT (or whatever) for now.

People should be more serious about their abilities and be content with
a solution
that best fits their needs. If you want linux and you cant work it out,
hire someone.
It will still probably work out cheaper (especially for people looking
for firewall