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RE: [SLUG] Sendmail quirks

The way I test it I usually use nslookup.
So if the email is going to balhuser@xxxxxxx I try the following

[georgev@citadelserver georgev]$nslookup
Default Server:  dns.blahblah.com
Address:  203.x.x.x

> set type=mx
> foo.com
Server:  dns1.blahblah.com
Address:  203.x.x.x

        origin = ns.okdirect.com
        mail addr = namemaster.okdirect.com
        serial = 1
        refresh = 10800 (3H)
        retry   = 3600 (1H)
        expire  = 604800 (1W)
        minimum ttl = 86400 (1D)

If this fails then there's your problem. I also had some weird problems when
/etc/resolv.conf had permissions of 700 and for tests I changed it to 744
and it worked OK and services like squid and others started to work again.
Sendmail might be having this problem too.??..??..??

George Vieira
Network Administrator
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Subject: RE: [SLUG] Sendmail quirks

> Can anyone point me towards information on how Sendmail interacts with the
> resolver library, or bind. I am trying to get sendmail running with a
> nullclient cf file, but when I send a message, the log file shows an error
> which says DNS lookup failed, yet I can ping the server with both
> IP address
> and the server name, so I am bit stumped.

Just out of interest what is a nullclient cf setup look like and what does
it do?


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