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Re: [SLUG] new group server recommendations

lists the best. 

> I searched on google for new servers and there are lots sure (~100 or
> more). But after clicking on a dozen they all want a registration, make
> a big point about having acccess to binaries and alt groups and aren't
> what I need. I want that that I can learn to use trn with - simple text.
Rightly so: the alt.binaries newsgroups are porn-fuelled and high bandwidth. 

Back in 96 my country (India's) only ISP didn't supply a newsfeed. 
I searched high and low for free NNTP servers - my favorite was 

Still, it's good to know that these free servers are still available even
after the net's grown so much. Deja news is great for tracking information,
but super *slow*


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