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[SLUG] Goodbye to Slug.. as well

As someone who is not really a newbie but still has a lot to learn I'll just add my two 
cents worth.

the answer is not about new lists or any other solution. It's about one simple protocol


when I first started using Linux this list was my best friend. I asked lots of 'foolish' 
(to coin a recent phrase) questions and was never flamed once and always got great 

In my estimation this started to change about 6 months and has rapidly disintegrated the 
quality of the list.

I remember a similar  flame a few months ago to a newbie question. I replied to the 
flamer 'privately' and on his part there was no remorse for his actions. His 
correspondence was something like ... why should i apologise for my knowledge when we 
have to tolerate idiots like this.

Says it all really, doesn't it?

So ultimately this recent episode has made a decision I've been tossing around a simple 
one to make. I too am saying goodbye to this list and taking my 'foolish' questions 
elsewhere. Somewhere where the members of the list aren't as arrogant and conceited as 
the ones who have destroyed this once excellent source.


Linux Enthusiast and proud to help anyone  I can, regardless of how 'foolish' the 
question may be.