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RE: [SLUG] Olympics on Optus@Home

> On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Patrick Kelso wrote:
> > which brings me to my final point, Windows media player, is 
> free. you have
> > to pay for real, maybe optus is just being stingy.
> Bah, RealPlayer Basic is free, has always been free, and shall remain
> free.  Windows Media Player costs more to setup a streaming 
> server than
> RealPlayer servers.
> Andrew.

I was reffering to the streaming tools, windows media tools are free, the
encoder is free, the streaming program is free, the only price is
windows2000, which these companies get for a very discounted price, whereas
you have to pay for real media encoders and streaming software, regardless
of platform, and last time i checked for a user liscence as well. I am not
advocating windows media, I have worked with it long enough to hate it, but
simply stating the facts