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Re: [SLUG] More Anti-Linux Olympic madness!

> You only have 2 options, continue to sit around and 
moan like a spoiled
> child, or just except that they are on and enjoy it.

Hang on a second - I have to travel to work while this 
crap is on, I am disadvantaged (more than normal) in 
this by our pathetic transport system, which is even 
MORE pathetic because of the Olympics, and you say I 
should stop moaning ?

Unlike *some*, I don't have the luxury of being able to 
take time off for them - in fact, I have to start work 
3 hours earlier (means getting up at 4am !!) just co I 
can get home at a reasonable hour and see my 

And I should just accept it ?  Bollocks...

> I got to see italy play korea in a baseball game 
tonight, and it was
> fantastic, when am i going to get a chance to see a 
game like that again?`
> Jason
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