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Re: [SLUG] More Anti-Linux Olympic madness!

> Olympics != important.
> It saddens me enormously when otherwise intelligent 
> people like Sluggers are sucked into enthusiasm for 
> this idiotic global parasite infesting Sydney at the 
> moment.
> Please, somebody, just make it go away.

What do you expect - when the head of the IOC is more 
interested in kissing ass at the opening ceremony than 
being with his ill wife (who, I'm saddened to say, 
subsequently died) - THIS is the body from which people 
expect intelligence ?

And they give the "honor" of lighting the flame to 
Freeman (who was vocal about an Abo protest at the 
opening, and supported it - did they do this just to 
shut her up ??), instead of someone who has really 
contributed to sport in this country - someone like 

BTW, have a look at www.silly2000.com = best "olympic" 
site yet...

Sorry for the OT = the whole Olympic thing is a 
complete and total cock-up, IMHO...