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Re: [SLUG] Serial Ports, Modem and an ISA card

Yes, it has certainly found a couple of serial ports, but you still don't
know which ones.  If the others send an interrupt then it could still
cause problems.  For example, if it has found the ports on the MFC and a
serial mouse is connected to the mobo serial port then that will give
spurious interrupts.

You are going to have to pull the MFC and check the jumpers, always
assuming that you have the doco for it.  My experience is that MFCs
without doco are usually very difficult, if not impossible, to interpret
what the jumpers do.

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On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, marty wrote:

> > On the ISA card, which I assume is a multi-function card, have you
> > disabled the serial ports; you probably have an interrupt conflict
> > problem.
> I thought that might be an issue... but i couldn't see anything in dmesg
> about it...  it's attached if you want to find anything i might have
> missed...
> later
> marty
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