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RE: [SLUG] MTU and flamebait

From: Jason Rennie [mailto:jwrennie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>> I dare you to ask the same quesion on a Visual Basic users 
>list and see what
>> response you get?
>Can you find me alist, i shall accept this challenge :)

(Shudder) You are a braver man than me.  I get this funny rash when I have
to code in VB.  Development environments that don't save your source and
then run your code in-process always made my day.  Code crashes.  IDE dies.
Lose all work.  Throw computer at window.  You get the picture.

http://www.avbug.com.au/resources.htm is a good start, especially as they
have a nice section telling people what a List Server actually is.

John Wiltshire