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Re: [SLUG] Keyboard Lockup in X

Very interesting.

I have had something like this happen twice on me over the last three
months...  its a Dell notebook running XFree86 v4.0.1 which I compiled by
hand. The problem never happened with XFree86 v4.0 on the notebook, but
that may not be saying much. v4.0 was only installed for a few weeks after
I got it.

In my case a total keyboard lockup - NOTHING worked. I _think_ (recalling)
the mouse kept _moving_.  The machine itself seemed fine after I telneted
in and killed X. I was doing remote X display, and have Red Hat v6.2 on
both boxes concerned, with v2.2.14 kernels. Any other similar experiences
with X locking up lately. Oh, it was a ATI Mach64 LM chipset....

David S.. :-)

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Hey SLUGgers,
> Small problem - my keyboard has completely cut out. There's no response from
> the keyboard at all, even to the point of Caps Lock not changing state.
> I'm using a so-far-so-good 2.4.0-test8 kernel (no troubles in the past), and
> XFree4. However, for the keyboard to be as dead as this, I'm pretty sure
> it's a kernel problem.
> Is there some kind of kernel-level keyboard reset command? I'm avoiding
> rebooting, as there's a few things I'm working on which need some keyboard
> input! And yes, I'm ssh'ing from another machine right now. 8)

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