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RE: [SLUG] Simple tool to monitor remote scans/probs

I can't see this works very well considering some machines from outside may
be allowed to come in and others not..

easily done but using the 

ALL:		ALL		:	spawn (/bin/securescript %n %a %d)

echo Non authorised access to $3 from $2 | logger -p local0.notice -t
echo "`date +%d/%m/%y` : $3 - $2 $1" >>/var/log/securityattempt.log

This will create a Security process log in your messages file and also log
the details in you /var/log/securityattempt.log file


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> Matt wrote:
> if anyone has been scanning my ports, trying ports,
> trying to telnet in etc.

... and so much more (for use in combination with your usual ipchains and
system logging):


- Jeff

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