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[SLUG] fast internet connections...

I remember asking a question like this a few months ago without much of
a result... Its not really on topic but I need a list of tech minded
sydney people...

My work is in desperate need of a faster internet connection. We
currently have a massively overloaded 128K ISDN link.

We signed a contract for a 2meg DDS Fastway, but are now 5 months down
the track and Telstra have only just discovered that the plans for
Harris St are wrong and the fibre doesn't run past our door, but
terminates 400m away. They are yet to decide whether they are going to
extend it or not.

Our only option along a fixed wire is ISDN it seems now. Is anyone
offering wireless connection in Sydney? How many of these ISDN's can we
stack together, and what sort of router would we need to use? We need
multiple external ip addresses also.

I am beyond caring about the cost. Could someone drop me a message with
a suggested solution before I go completely insane.